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The Beginning


Since independence in spite of Indian Constitutional guarantees of freedom, equity and justice the rural - urban divide is glaringly stark even after almost six decades of independence. Despite India’s accelerating growth since 1980, implementation of several pro-poor policies and programmes, additional supplementary initiatives by civil society organizations poverty, landlessness, lack of employment opportunities, functional illiteracy and burden of diseases are endemic. The gaps in pro-people policies and ongoing programmes in development of human resources allowing degradation of environment, natural resources, inadequate development of total, physical and institutional capital destructed the strong nature based life support system of the poor. The poorest segment of rural population, especially the people from socially excluded section including women and children are bypassed in the process of development and remain isolated and marginalized.
Our Root....

In this backdrop five like-minded women development professionals had been closely introspecting these efforts and happenings centering development throughout West Bengal since last one and half decades. Through the years of their grass-root level experience they realize that given access, opportunity, control over resources and building of capacities, the poorest women can also take control of their life and livelihood provided they are mobilized and can build their own institutions. Moreover their experiences of action research on poverty, decentralization, natural resource management and human development in three districts of North Bengal confirmed their views on alternative paradigm for a sustainable change. This lead us to launch action initiatives on mobilization of women into groups, building their capacities, involving them with small activities in natural resource management to support their livelihood, education , health and financial literacy. In this work we had build a strong collaborative initiatives with local government institutions. It was the beginning of strengthening decentralization and empowering people to voice their needs and become partners with the local government institutions for development. A process has been initiated to build and strengthen relationships between the people and local government.




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