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We Believe in

Our Vision....

To build a society where people irrespective of class, creed, colour, race, religion and gender lead an independent and dignified life based on attainment of self esteem and self-help.

Our Mission....

To assist the process by which people are able to have control on life and livelihood.

Our Values....

Swayambhar pledges to work with transparency and honesty, secularly, sensitively and with commitment without any social, political and racial bias.

Our Objectives....

Strengthen Local Self-Government to become inclusive, participatory, just and efficient institutions of the people which address food & livelihood security, health, education and other primary entitlements.

Ensure people’s participation, especially people from socially excluded section in development process to attain self governance.

Empower women especially from backward, poor and marginalized section to achieve financial inclusion and, food security and stand unified against injustice and social evils.

Advocate sustainable and decentralized Natural Resource Management as the principal means of addressing hunger, food and livelihood insecurity in order to alleviate poverty as the primary focus of its development endeavor.

Create, conserve and sensibly use local resource and energy to ensure sustainable development by reducing natural calamities and disasters and maintaining ecological balance.

To carry out all types of development programmes and interventions in the areas of Education, Health and Nutrition, Safe Maternity and Neo-Natal Care, Gender Equality, Empowering Adolescent Girl and Women, Ensure dignified life for Aged people in which development activity and intervention is required.

Networking with like-minded organisations, networks and individuals for sharing, learning and mutual aid.




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