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Our Team


Dr. Manab Sen is a Ph. D in economics was the Deputy General Manager of United Bank of India and a legendary expert in Rural Development, Decentralization, Agricultural Extension, Priority Sector Credit, Training and Research. He is a builder of institutions starting from establishment of Community Development Block in West Bengal to founding a Regional Rural Bank in Tripura. During his vibrant career of five decades he was the member of numerous committees constituted by Government of India, Government of West Bengal, The Reserve Bank of India and The review committee on training arrangements for the rural bankers in India by NABARD. Dr. Sen coordinated more than hundred training programmes on local government and rural development. As a seasoned Researcher he designed and conducted numerous studies & research works on several dimensions of Self Help Group led developments including projects on women empowerment and strengthening decentralization funded by planning Commission, Government of India. He pioneered a study on Self Help Groups and Microfinance in West Bengal and as a consultant of DFID he conducted a study on Strengthening Decentralization and Women Empowerment. He designed and implemented a number of projects including group and community loan scheme, SHG Bank linkage programme, Financial Literacy and Panchayat Mahila Swasaktikaran Yojna. He is the recipient of Award from the Governor of West Bengal for extension of high yielding varieties. Currently he is functioning as the Technical Consultant of the Ministry of Self Help Group & Self Employment, Government of West Bengal.


Suparna Ganguly, a Post-graduate in Economics from Viswa-Bharati University (submitted her Ph.D. paper very recently) is a eminent Gender Specialist and Training Expert with more than two decades of experience in teaching, training and research. Being a Senior Faculty Member of the State Institute of Panchayats and Rural Development, Government of West Bengal for last thirteen years she is the coordinator of Gender Study Cell in the institution and a nodal point for Panchayat Mohila and Yuvashakti Abijaan (a project of the Government of India) in West Bengal. As a Gender Specialist with a decade long experience in Training & Research on local governance she conducted Research Study on the Role of Elected Women Representatives in Panchayats in West Bengal and initiated and facilitated the first Mahila Sabha in West Bengal in 2010. Mrs. Ganguly also has some research papers on various issues of panchayat and rural development and has been conducting action research and other researches regularly. Presently she is working as a Senior Faculty Member of the State Institute of Panchayats and Rural Development, Government of West Bengal.
Management Team

Pampi Mohanta Saha is famous for her in-depth knowledge on Local Government Institution, Natural Resource Management, and Sustainable Agriculture and has excellence in mobilization of people. She spearheaded many successful projects during her two decade long career among which the pilot project to strengthening decentralization through NRM in collaboration of local government institutions supported by DANIDA in North Bengal is most prominent. Being an expert in PRI she successfully lead a team to facilitated the process of Gram Unnayan Samity (fourth tier of PRI) initiated by Government of West Bengal. She also has the experience of working as a resource person on PRI system of West Bengal to delivered training to the Elected Panchayat Members of Assam as per contract with Assam NIRD. As an excellent mobilizer with having profound knowledge on PRI she successfully facilitated the process of first Mahila Sabha in 2010 under the Panchayat Mohila and Yuvashakti Abijaan (a project of the Government of India) in West Bengal. Apart from her PRI experiences she also lead a team for integrated watershed management project (initiated by ministry of agriculture) in West Bengal. She also has considerable experience in joint forest management and successfully mobilized marginalized groups of diverse ethnic communities in area close to Buxa Tiger Reserve (BTR) in North Bengal. Currently she is working as a secretary of Swayambhar.

Suparna Mitra, a MSW and MBA with her decade long experience in project management is well recognized for her advocacy and networking in West Bengal. She led two state level networks working on education and Women empowerment through like-minded partner organizations/networks to ensure peoples participation to strengthen the system. Ms Mitra presented a paper based on successful implementation of block model on Violence against Women in an international seminar in Dhaka in the year 2010. She has two publications on Financial Literacy and Violence against Women. She also has the work experience with Social Franchisees and Corporate.

Susmita Bhattacharrya, a MA in Sociology is well known for her rich experiences in Research and Training. During her fifteen years of career she undertakes the study/analysis of several research projects on various issues of panchayat and rural development. Apart from her research activity she has in-depth knowledge and training experiences on Self Help Group and Local Government Institution. She spearheaded an innovative pilot project on mobilization of venerable community in self help group. She is a Certificate holder of training on Local Governance, KILA (Kerala Institute for Local Administration).


Panchali Biswas is a prominent figure for her excellent skill and experience in Joint Forest Management, Local Government Institution and Food Security. She has fifteen years of extensive experiences of working with diverse ethnic groups in forest and tea garden of North Bengal. She has the expertise on collaborative linkages and facilitates programmes on various issues of panchayat and rural development. She is a resource person on decentralized governance system and one of the pioneers of implementation of Gram Unnayan Samity, (fourth tier of PRI). She is also the Certificate holder of training on Local Governance, KILA (Kerala Institute for Local Administration).


Rumia Roychoudhury is a well-reputed highly experienced trainer and module developer on various subjects especially on Self Help Group, Financial Inclusion and Violence against Women. Her rich experience of more than one and half decade she developed several training modules and tools for capacity building on different subjects. She has the expertise to develop effective and innovative IEC materials on different issues for different stakeholders. Apart from training she has sizable experiences in conducting field studies of different research projects in West Bengal.




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